Car-Sharing Changed Lives in Taxi Industry
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Car-Sharing Changed Lives in Taxi Industry

Lacus Technologies, leading transportation technology company for Taxi and For-Hire industry in North America, today announced that over 2,000 active drivers are using free Lacus app daily.Swipe, select and book

The company dedicated itselfto solve industry decades-old problems by providing drivers with an app that allows renting a car for work instantly — first in New York City, with plans to start expanding nationwide in late 2018.

The app saves drivers several hours on an average work day and increases vehicle utilization rate for fleets.

"I'm saving hours every day on the commute with Lacus app. There is no more stress, pricing and earnings are simple and clear. Customer support is amazing!" said Mr. Nizomov (NYC Taxi Driver).

Lacus Technologies has been providing drivers and fleets with an easy and convenient way to operate since 2017. The company is planning to bring more innovative features and options during 2018.

Imran Ali, (NYC Taxi Driver) had this to say: "I'm using Lacus app on a daily basis. It allowed me to spend more time with my family. I hope to see more vehicle options."

Car-sharing app Lacus offers a technical solution to thousands of drivers to Rent, find, work and get paidfind and reserve cars close to their homes.

The app provides with access to real-time transactions associated with driver's account.

The system presents the following functionality:

  • Convenient payment options
  • Detailed expense report
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Driver alert notifications
  • Expedited payments

Press Contact:

To learn more about Lacus, contact Maxim Makarenko at +1 (855) 885-5559 ext.102

or email,, Lacus is available on iOS and Android